Groom, Aaron Choi

Michael catered our outdoor wedding (~200 guests), and the guests were still praising the quality and quantity of food even months after the wedding. From the day we first met Michael, his passion for exquisite food was plainly evident, and it showed even in just the tray-passed appetizers at the wedding (KOBE beef sliders, are you kidding??). Our menu offered Filet Mignon w/ Tiger Prawn in black truffle sauce or Chilean Sea Bass with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes (and a vegetarian option at no charge). Now, I’ve been to a fair number of weddings whose menus looked impressive on paper, and maybe even on the plate–but this is the first time the menu and the dish were in flavor/quality-harmony (mind you, my wife and I were prepared to be extra-critical because it was our own wedding, after all). Both the Filet and the Bass were cooked PERFECTLY–try getting THAT at the average wedding, where the typically served chicken or salmon is overly dry almost all the time! Michael even went out of his way to accommodate 3 of our 200 guests who had severe dietary issues, at no charge! Heck, he even went out of his way to make a wonderful tomato soup at no charge for my wife’s grandmother who had trouble digesting solid food. It gets better–since the wedding was outdoors, all of our vendors were setting up and preparing since morning, and Michael offered to make lunch for all of them, again at NO CHARGE.

Before the reader goes off and thinks Michael is some kind of culinary/catering god and we are his enamored worshipers, let me state that there were some setbacks, just like in any other wedding. My family let me know later after the wedding that many of the guests were waiting significantly longer than others to receive their main course–apparently, some received their main course as a few tables were preparing for dessert. Second, we found out later that during clean-up, the staff had dumped some oil on the premises which NEARLY cost us our deposit (the coordinators had made clear what the clean-up instructions were). However, Michael was quick to reimburse us for the cost difference between the full deposit and the deduction–professionalism!

It is a bit cliche to say that no wedding is perfect, but it’s true. There WILL be problems. That’s where the quality of the service you receive from your vendors is critical, and Michael and his staff fell short in no way–where there were mistakes, they were quickly and professionally taken care of.