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We had our wedding catered last summer with Michael. Our guests STILL talk about the food! Everything was amazing and the service was so well choreographed. Our Best Man actually ate two full entree plates because it was so good!

I’m typically a control freak but felt very comfortable having Michael in charge, after working with him I learned he is very particular and will only plate & serve perfection. The food was the most important element of our wedding and Black Truffle definitely delivers. People still tell me about that “little soup shooter” they had at the wedding. If you want amazing flavors, freshness, and creativity, go with Michael.

Bride, Michelle Head – Blackstone Winery Wedding

Michael catered our outdoor wedding (~200 guests), and the guests were still praising the quality and quantity of food even months after the wedding. From the day we first met Michael, his passion for exquisite food was plainly evident, and it showed even in just the tray-passed appetizers at the wedding (KOBE beef sliders, are you kidding??). Our menu offered Filet Mignon w/ Tiger Prawn in black truffle sauce or Chilean Sea Bass with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes (and a vegetarian option at no charge). Now, I’ve been to a fair number of weddings whose menus looked impressive on paper, and maybe even on the plate–but this is the first time the menu and the dish were in flavor/quality-harmony (mind you, my wife and I were prepared to be extra-critical because it was our own wedding, after all). Both the Filet and the Bass were cooked PERFECTLY–try getting THAT at the average wedding, where the typically served chicken or salmon is overly dry almost all the time! Michael even went out of his way to accommodate 3 of our 200 guests who had severe dietary issues, at no charge! Heck, he even went out of his way to make a wonderful tomato soup at no charge for my wife’s grandmother who had trouble digesting solid food. It gets better–since the wedding was outdoors, all of our vendors were setting up and preparing since morning, and Michael offered to make lunch for all of them, again at NO CHARGE.

Before the reader goes off and thinks Michael is some kind of culinary/catering god and we are his enamored worshipers, let me state that there were some setbacks, just like in any other wedding. My family let me know later after the wedding that many of the guests were waiting significantly longer than others to receive their main course–apparently, some received their main course as a few tables were preparing for dessert. Second, we found out later that during clean-up, the staff had dumped some oil on the premises which NEARLY cost us our deposit (the coordinators had made clear what the clean-up instructions were). However, Michael was quick to reimburse us for the cost difference between the full deposit and the deduction–professionalism!

It is a bit cliche to say that no wedding is perfect, but it’s true. There WILL be problems. That’s where the quality of the service you receive from your vendors is critical, and Michael and his staff fell short in no way–where there were mistakes, they were quickly and professionally taken care of.

Groom, Aaron Choi

Michael was amazing! He catered our wedding and was simply spectacular in every way. His food was brilliant, creative, and delicious. We had a black tie wedding for 150 people. Seated & outside – on a very hot day. With challenging conditions – think satellite, portable kitchen, outside in the heat, table service… he pulled it all off without a hitch. Flawless in every way. From bite size ice cream cones of gelato in every flavor to special vegetarian entrees…… he pulled it all off perfectly.

He is also SO nice as are all his very professional staff. We are grateful to him – and would recommend him to anyone who wants a very special experience. We will certainly return again.

We have also received many compliments on the amazing, creative, delicious food.

Thank you Michael!

Bride, Jennifer Wylde Anderson

An Amazing Chef, and Just a Great Person

Michael catered our wedding for 200 guests last summer. We started the process of looking for a chef a year before the wedding. We tried three other companies including 24 Carrots and Food that Matters. The food from all three was great, but 24 Carrots and Food that Matters treated our wedding as a business opportunity only.

Michael’s reaction was very different, he showed a genuine desire to be involved in the wedding and to do whatever was necessary to make us happy. In fact, Michael not only asked for our opinions about how we would modify the dishes that were served at the tasting, but he even invited us back for a second tasting so that we could review the alterations and additions that he made to the menu.

The day of the wedding went perfectly. One of the most common complements that we received was that the food was spectacular. To my knowledge, not a single complaint was made. We had a total of five passed appetizers, a 3 course dinner, a dessert bar, and mid night snacks. All of it was delicious.

Michael is professional, driven, a true artist and most of all a chef who truly wants to help you put on the best party of your life. I recommend Michael to everyone I know.

Kevin & Alyssa Caridis Wedding

Michael catered my wedding in June and it was fabulous. I think he had newly parted ways from a business partner, and mine was the first wedding he did on his own (with lots of great help from kitchen and waitstaff). I got married at a historical mansion, so Michael had to bring EVERYTHING in himself, and make sure it was all on protective mats. Huh? I had no idea why my venue had that rule, but he was on top of it.

Michael is incredibly accommodating, and he did multiple tastings with us to perfectly capture what we wanted served. We did heavy passed hors d’oeuvres, salad and main course – black cod and filet mignon. I was impressed by the quality of all the meat and that Michael really didn’t cut corners on the little things – he even made the mushroom and truffle butters himself.

I would definitely recommend Michael, he’s truly great at what he does. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about my experience!

-Lauren Clanin

Bride, Lauren Clanin

I had the pleasure of using Michael’s services during my son’s wedding in Glendale. Considering that I’m here in Northern California and he’s out there, he’s always just a phone call away, readily reachable, quick to respond to questions, flexible and easy to work with. My overall experience was definitely pleasant and painless. We (myself, son and wife) selected Michael out of the four caterers I spoke with and who submitted a bid. They were punctual and on site when expected; the two servers were friendly and dressed in uniform; overall presentation was outstanding and very professional. I’m confident that you will be pleased with Michael should you decide to hire him.

Georgina Cordero

Mother of the Groom

Unbelievably awesome !


The food was amazing. You guys were amazing. You went above and beyond. Everyone RAVED about the food. EVERYONE. And my friends like to eat, so they know.

We have friends that are doing a housewarming and I’ll be passing on your info to them for that, and Scott and I are trying to come up with an excuse to have another party that you can cater.

Michael. The tri tip. The salmon. The gelato. Utterly amazing. And everyone RAVED about the mac n cheese. Well, they did about everything.

If you need anything from me credit card wise – let me know. I know the bartenders stayed late and you both did. So, you let me know.

Thank you, a million times over. It was amazing.

Bride, Julia Wackenheim

Michael was amazing, professional, friendly, communicated things to us well and is very skilled at what he does. From the tasting where he explained every dish he was preparing for us and answered all of our questions to the day of our wedding – working hard in the background to ensure there was plenty of food for everyone. The food was delicious, well prepared, of proper temperature and well presented (buffet style) at the wedding. He also provided us with great customized favors.

The day of the wedding, our ceremony ended earlier than planned and people headed right over to the reception hall. Despite it being earlier than planned – I think a half hour or 45 minutes, Michael and his staff were right there and ready with a spread of appetizers for our guests. They were also prepared to serve dinner early, since our photo shoot took less time than we had anticipated as well.

I would definitely hire him again and recommend him highly to friends and family for the professionalism and quality Michael and his staff provide.

Our wedding was approximately 130 people give or take a few. I don’t remember what the final confirmed number was, but no more than 150 and no less than 125.

Hope that assists you in making sure your reception is perfect! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Good luck and congratulations!

Lindsay Cordero

Bride, Lindsay Cordero

Hi Michael,

I’ve been meaning to write you…thank you so much. EVERYONE raved about the food..it was wonderful!

Let me know if you need any write ups from me to tell how awesome you guys were.

Thanks again!

Meredith Tappe Machial

Executive Producer

SWAY Studio

Bride, Meredith Machial

So I am going to give a shout out to our caterer that we hired last week. Michael Compean of Black truffle is new to the business of catering at only a couple years young, but I can tell by their business savvy and creativity with food that they will have no problem building their client list. . Now I am on this 20K budget so unless I got the typical boring ass wedding food, there was no way I could do a sit down dinner which is what we really wanted. We also wanted food that not only tasted well but presented well. So we got quotes from 6K for boring food to 18K for nice looking food. Now, we had a few in mind, Passion Fruit Catering, Primal Alchemy, and Michael. They all presented us with menus that were creative and sounded delicious. So what do you do with 3 caterers? You pit them together to a battle to the death! Ok not really, you essentially negotiate and pit them together in an auctioning format. Well Michael C. blew us away with his ability to compromise with us to drop our costs substantially from where we started. This only made the tasting more pressure packed b/c we needed it to be good. And it was. It was really good actually and compared to a couple weddings that we been to, crazy good. One of the crazy things about Michael C is the lack of service fees. Now this already puts him light years ahead of the other guys charging anywhere from 8-18% in service charges and still expecting gratuities. Props! When you first talk to Michael you will notice a couple of things – he stays up crazy late (I think he sent us a proposal at like 2am) and he is willing to work with you. Another thing that I liked is that he sent a hard copy of the proposal with his brochure and stuff. Very professional.

So this is my little shout out to our caterer, I can highly recommend him just based on our experience with him. Check him out!


Being a wedding coordinator I have the opportunity to meet and work with some very talented wedding vendors. I have decided to choose one vendor per month to rave about so that brides or anyone planning an event can be aware of this vendors services.

For the month of July, I have selected Michael Compean of Black Truffle as our vendor of the month. Black Truffle is a full service catering company. Chef Michael has the most charming personality and his food is beyond amazing! He is very passionate about his work and his passion is displayed in his food. I had the opportunity to work with him last month and from my first interaction with him until the end of the event….nothing but total satisfaction. His prices are affordable and presentation is beautiful. A definite must if you are looking for an amazing caterer who can definitely “wow” your guests! The wedding cake he made for the bride is in the above photo. Visit his website at www.blacktruffleaz.net or contact him at  (480) 287-0616 Congratulations Michael and thank you for being a “true professional”

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