Bride, Lindsay Cordero

Michael was amazing, professional, friendly, communicated things to us well and is very skilled at what he does. From the tasting where he explained every dish he was preparing for us and answered all of our questions to the day of our wedding – working hard in the background to ensure there was plenty of food for everyone. The food was delicious, well prepared, of proper temperature and well presented (buffet style) at the wedding. He also provided us with great customized favors.

The day of the wedding, our ceremony ended earlier than planned and people headed right over to the reception hall. Despite it being earlier than planned – I think a half hour or 45 minutes, Michael and his staff were right there and ready with a spread of appetizers for our guests. They were also prepared to serve dinner early, since our photo shoot took less time than we had anticipated as well.

I would definitely hire him again and recommend him highly to friends and family for the professionalism and quality Michael and his staff provide.

Our wedding was approximately 130 people give or take a few. I don’t remember what the final confirmed number was, but no more than 150 and no less than 125.

Hope that assists you in making sure your reception is perfect! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Good luck and congratulations!

Lindsay Cordero