Bride, Lauren Clanin

Michael catered my wedding in June and it was fabulous. I think he had newly parted ways from a business partner, and mine was the first wedding he did on his own (with lots of great help from kitchen and waitstaff). I got married at a historical mansion, so Michael had to bring EVERYTHING in himself, and make sure it was all on protective mats. Huh? I had no idea why my venue had that rule, but he was on top of it.

Michael is incredibly accommodating, and he did multiple tastings with us to perfectly capture what we wanted served. We did heavy passed hors d’oeuvres, salad and main course – black cod and filet mignon. I was impressed by the quality of all the meat and that Michael really didn’t cut corners on the little things – he even made the mushroom and truffle butters himself.

I would definitely recommend Michael, he’s truly great at what he does. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about my experience!

-Lauren Clanin