Table Ready Meals

Table Ready Meals Prepared Just for You

It’s like having a chef at your table each night!

Healthy & Deliciously Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door

Why Have Black Truffle Prepare your Meals?

✓ Restaurant Quality
✓ Made With Natural Ingredients
✓ Delivered Right To Your Door
✓ Diabetic, Paleo, Heart Healthy, Vegetarian Options
✓ Courteous, Knowledgeable & Professional Support

Prepared Meals

Meal preparation services is a different section of the food catering industry. Have you ever thought about picking up already prepared meals for a crowd rather than having the food catered at the event? Then getting prepared meals might be best for you.

What is Prepared Food?

Prepared food is a little bit different from catering. Prepared food is food that has been prepared by a chef and is ready for consumption. The difference is that while food catering essentially brings a restaurant to you, prepared meals are meals that have been prepared and packaged up. Food catering comes with the full service of having the food brought to you and staff working to distribute it but prepared meals are already done and individually packaged and ready to distribute. Prepared meals from catering companies are still just as delicious and high quality of food as the catering service but the meals are just pre-made and ready to go. Looking into prepared meals is another great option for your event. You can purchase the exact amount of prepared meals to the number of guests at your event or party.

Benefits of Black Truffle Prepared Meals

At Black Truffle, our experienced and highly skilled staff can prepare meals for you for whatever you may need. We can work with you personally to provide the types of meals that you want for yourself or your occasion.