Special Events

Arizona Special Event Catering

We are the premier special event catering company in Arizona. We offer full-service catering for special events.


Spending time with the people we know and love is what life’s all about. That’s why the team at Black Truffle Caterers is so dedicated to helping you bring family, friends and acquaintances together to share a special experience. Small and intimate or large and extravagant, we’ll work with you to plan an amazing party! Whether it’s a first birthday, bar mitzvah, fundraiser, gala, school benefit, christening, or photo shoot, we cater it all.<

Social & Special Event Catering

Whether your event is held at a venue, office or home, you can count on the same commitment to creating the perfect event. Whatever the occasion, our team of event designers and managers will work with you to guide you through every step of planning the event. Our catering and event planning services are tailor-made to suit your creative, organizational and budgetary requirements, whether your event calls for a cocktail reception for 50, seated coursed dinner with wine pairing for 1000, or a corporate gala for 20,000. Find out why the elite call on us to make their events as cutting-edge and creative as they are.

Special Events

Special events of all kinds need to have good quality food at them. Honestly, what is an event without food? If you think about it, we’re sure that you have never been to a special event of any kind that didn't have food. And if you have, it probably wasn’t that good of an event. If you’re hosting an event you want it to be the best it can possibly be. The food that is served at a party not only reflects on how good the party itself was, but it’s also a reflection on you as a host.

What is Special Event Catering?

A special event is any unique private or public event that is being held. This could be a birthday party, a bar mitzvah, an anniversary party, a holiday party, a graduation party, a retirement party, a funeral, and more. Any unique type of function you can think of is a special event. Planning a special event can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Booking catering for a special event takes the time and stress of the food aspect off of your shoulders. Not to mention the food will be incredible, and you didn’t even have to lift a finger. Special event catering can be used for all sizes of events. Maybe you’re having a backyard picnic with close friends and only need a little bit of food. No problem. Or maybe you’re planning a big birthday party with lots of family and friends and well, friends of friends. Catering can cover that too.

Types of Special Events

Private Parties and Celebrations

The first type of special event involves any kind of private party or celebration. Envision a backyard birthday party, a graduation party at a park, a quinceanera at a venue, or an anniversary dinner. All of these parties and celebrations require food for all the guests and special event catering makes it easy to provide amazing quality food.

Charity Event / Fundraisers

A charity event or a fundraiser event is another type of special event. These types of events are often aimed at a particular group of donors. It is important to provide excellent dishes at this type of event. The guests attending these events will likely be making generous donations from their own pockets and should have access to a beautiful catered meal.


Going a bit bigger, another type of special event is parades or festivals. Most festivals will always have some sort of food available to those who come and yes, this can be catered! Parades, walk/run events, and rallies are also events that can be catered to.

Bridal Showers/Baby Showers

This type of special event involves any kind of shower. Whether it be a bridal shower or a baby shower, food is a must. Bridal and baby shower catering can be customized to fit the theme you are going for. Not to mention that you can get custom cookie catering which is perfect for these types of events!

Special Event Catering With Black Truffle

Here at Black Truffle Catering we can cater to any special event of any size. We will work with you personally on creating menus, curating dishes to fit within themes, and designing cookies for your special event. It is called a “special” event after all, so the food should be special. Our staff is composed of polished professionals that are happy and excited to be working in the food service industry. When working with us for your special event you will get a professional and seamless experience with freshly made food that will impress your guests on every count. Special events are not to be overlooked for how important they are. Every type of special event out there deserves to have high quality catered food for the guests. Make sure that you make your next special event extra special with our special event catering services.