Corporate Events

Black Truffle Corporate Catering

Black Truffle Catering offers fresh, handmade meals made with the highest quality ingredients for corporate lunches and breakfasts throughout Arizona.


Black Truffle Corporate Event Catering provides daily lunches to several corporate investment companies and law firms throughout Arizona, offering a limitless variety of menus tailored to meet their individual needs. We work with our clients to provide different and exciting hot lunch options that accommodate all of your organization’s needs, including vegetarian and healthy options. Give us a call at (480) 287-0616 and see how easy it can be to receive a fresh, homemade and delicious lunch to energize your group.


Our menus are designed by Chef Compean and Black Truffle to suit occasions as casual as an outdoor barbecue or as formal as a sit-down dinner. Whether you’re serving a buffet, a picnic, breakfast, or an appetizer spread, Black Truffle can provide full-service catering that will make your meeting memorable. Our in-house pastry chef creates decadent desserts to finish any meal with style.


Black Truffle Corporate Event Catering makes it easy to revive the tradition of the glamorous cocktail parties. We offer a large menu of chic, delicious appetizers that perfectly complement your choice of a full bar or a selection of wines/beers. Chef Compean has over 20 years of experience as a chef and a pastry artisan. Chef Compean use of traditional cutting edge techniques and styles incorporating French, Latin and Asian cuisines will captivate you and your clients, work with us to create a menu customized just for your event.

Corporate Catering

Most of us know catering as a dining service provided at events such as birthday parties, graduation parties, or weddings. However, catering goes beyond the scope of just parties and weddings. Businesses can also get food catered to employees at the office or at a company event and enjoy the benefits of this food service. Imagine your company's next event being fully catered to. You don’t have to worry about the stress of food and can spend more time focusing on your business.

What is Corporate Catering?

Corporate catering is a type of catering that provides food for a business or organization. Whether you need a small lunch delivered to the office for a company meeting, or you need a full food coordinated corporate event, this type of catering is right for you. No business matter is too little or too big for catering services. At Black Truffle Catering, we work with you to seamlessly design the perfect service for whatever business event you have coming up.

Types of Corporate Events

Business Meeting

The smallest of business affairs starts at those office meetings. There are a lot of businesses that round up their employees for a meeting but want to easily provide lunch for the group. Let’s face it, workers are busy and don’t have time to plan and coordinate food for a meeting in the middle of the work day. Everyone is going about their duties throughout the day and need to be able to go straight from work into meetings without any interruption. That’s where we come into play. Getting lunch catered to a work meeting is easy with us and will satisfy all of those hard working employees.

Team-Building Events

Team-building events for companies are an important aspect of team dynamics. This type of event is usually an all day kind of deal and food is expected. Getting corporate catering at a team-building event is a must when trying to plan a smooth and organized event. Not only will employees be building relationships during the event itself, but they will continue to build relationships even over food. Food is a social situation and bringing together people over good food is what we do. Make sure your team-building event is prepared with a great food service to ensure a happy ending.

Product Launch Events

Product launch events come in different forms and sizes. It can be as small as employee meetings regarding an upcoming launch or can be as big as massive launch parties with the intention of promoting the new product. Whatever it may be, food catering is the best, easiest, and most professional way to go. Product launches are meant to be dazzling regardless of the size and whether or not it's an internal meeting or big party. The whole point is to show off the product and impress. The food that is at your product launch is a reflection of the whole event. If the food is not well organized and impressive, it can throw an entire event off. Especially with large launch parties with media coverage, you want to be sure that you have an experienced and professional caterer taking care of all the food and drinks at your event.

Corporate Conferences

Corporate conferences are some of the biggest business events out there. Large organizations hold massive conferences where the company's entire workforce attends. They can even last from a handful of hours to a week-long event. Generally there will be keynote speakers there as well as separate seminars. These huge events wouldn’t be the same without a catering service working hard on providing food for the large masses. Corporate catering is the easiest way to provide food to such a large amount of people while you focus on the event itself. These conferences are also a great way to thank and reward your employees for all of their hard work. Providing mouth watering dishes prepared by experiences and prestigious chefs is a beautiful way to do so.

Corporate Catering Menus

At Black Truffle, our staff has been hand selected from the best of the service industry to build an amazing catering menu for your next corporate event. Need some sandwiches delivered for an in office lunch meeting? We’ve got you. Need full on event food and drink coordination for a corporate event hosting thousands of guests? We can do that too. Our staff will work with you to craft an exquisite menu that is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. From snacks and appetizers, to simple lunches, to gourmet plated dinners, to drinks and cocktails, to fancy and/or custom desserts, we can cater to whatever your needs are. Corporate dinners have never been better!
Corporate events are a great way to allow your employees to let loose a little and enjoy each other's company and of course, some good food! Whether big or small, corporate catering is a must for your company’s next event. At Black Truffle Catering, we provide the most exquisite catering in Arizona and are confident that your next corporate event will be the best one with our catering services.