Cookie-Pic Favors


Customize your wedding or event with our Airbrushed cookie pics. These cookies individually wrapped in cellophane and tied with your choice of ribbon. Surprise your guests with Black Truffle Cookie Pics.

How It Works


Cookies are baked, and glazed with chocolate


Your photo is downloaded unto our custom made airbursh module.


Your photographic image is airburshed with Regal brand colored cocoa butter.


Each cookie is individually wrapped in cellopane and tied with a ribbon.

The result – a beautiful and customized event favor.


50 -500 cookies: $5.00 each (50 count minimum)


Cookie pic’s are also a great amenity for small or large corporate events. Simply send us any logo on a jpg. file and we can make it. Impress your clients with Black Truffle Cookie pics.


50 -500 cookies: $5.00 each (50 count minimum)


– Lemon with almond
– lavender
– Earl Grey tea
– Rooibos tea
– vanilla bean
– pear william with star anise

Designed Cookies

A beautiful touch to any event is an aspect of customization to the theme. The importance of food to an event is astronomical but what can take it to the next level? Personalized food such as designed cookies is the perfect sweet treat that is guaranteed to impress guests again and again.

What are designed cookies?

Designed cookies are more than just cookies that look good. They are completely custom to you and what you want. You want a company logo iced onto some? How about a special picture printed right on the cookie? There are virtually no limits to what can be done for you. Talk to a caterer about getting designed cookies for your next event and watch as your guests smile and talk about how good they look. Catering is a custom service and that doesn’t stop at just the types of dishes served, go completely custom and get designed cookies from your caterer.

How to Make Photo Cookies?

Photo cookies are an extra special type of designed cookie that captures exactly what you want right on the treat! Maybe it’s your dad’s 40th birthday. You can get your family’s favorite picture of him printed onto your cookies. Or maybe you’re planning a huge corporate event. Go ahead and get the company logo printed on the cookies.
But how can cookies with photos even be edible? Well it’s a lot more simple than you think. First the cookies are carefully (and deliciously) made, typically being a sugar cookie. This can be any shape that fits the image that will be put on it. After the cookies bake and cool then the image needs to be sized and printed. The perfectly sized images are then printed on edible paper. Yep, you heard that right, edible paper! You can already imagine the possibilities. Next, flavorful royal icing is piped thinly around the cookie to act as a glue. The edible pictures go down on top of the royal icing and are secured onto the cookie. Lastly the finishing touches are made such as decorative piping around the edges. They are a show stopper for sure!

Custom Cookies with Black Truffle

As mentioned earlier, the possibilities with custom cookies are endless. Here at Black Truffle we strive to provide you with the best and will do whatever it takes to deliver exactly what you want. Amplify your next event with custom cookies from Black Truffle Catering. Our freshly baked custom cookies are guaranteed to be the talk at the party and are suitable for any occasion. Ordering with us is easy, just get in contact with us about your event, how many cookies you need, and what you want on them. We will discuss and work with you on the best cookie shape and designing your perfect cookie. Our personalized cookies cater to any gathering large or small and are almost too good looking to eat! But once your guests bite into these freshly made treats, they’ll keep going back for more. Elevate your wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, business event, or seasonal party with custom cookies by Black Truffle Catering.