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Black Truffle Catering is dedicated to continuous innovation and excellence in food service, and special events. In particular, weddings. We provide the finest quality food presented in an abundant display of artistic expression served by the best trained and professional staff in Arizona.

We would love to help make your wedding everything you want it to be and more!

You may choose one of the packages or create your own menu complete with all of the special touches you expect for your wedding reception.

Our unyielding devotion to you will surely have you falling in love all over again! As a full-service catering company, we can attend to all of your event needs from creating a custom wedding menu inspired by your unique love story, selecting your perfect wedding venue, coordinating your event rentals, and recommending our trusted vendors.

No matter the size of your wedding or number of guests you’re expecting, we can design and deliver a menu that’s bound to please. With all of our catering packages for over 100 guests, we can also provide important rental items such as the linens, silverware, china, water goblets, servers, a supervisor and full service from set up to bussing the tables…so whether you are planning an outdoor summer wedding with close family and friends or a full-scale, seated formal dinner, you’ll fall in love with us.


Black Truffle Catering goes far above and beyond the stuffy “chicken or fish” choice you’ve come to expect at rehearsal dinners… instead we offer exquisite gourmet food that truly represents a gesture of thanks to your family and wedding party for all of the love and support they’ve given you throughout the wedding planning process. Chef Compean makes it easy to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends, whether you prefer a casual barbecue or an elegant sit-down dinner. We can cater the event in your own home, or at an event venue.


Imagine your guests arriving at your reception, met by a dazzling display of chic passed hors doeuvres. Black Truffle’s attentive waitstaff ensure your guests’ glasses are never empty, and, when they sit down to dinner, they are served the most delicious and elegant meal they can remember. Our trained wedding professionals will craft a menu that brings your vision of the perfect wedding to life, and have a portfolio of trusted partners we can call on for everything from decor to entertainment.

Wedding Catering

Delicious food and great cuisine are always the best part of every event. Whether you're tying the knot or celebrating your bachelor party, an amazing catering experience adds value to your event. Providing food to a large crowd is a stressful yet overwhelming process, especially when you're planning for your wedding day. But wedding catering takes the stress off of you, allowing you to fully enjoy such a happy day. No doubt every young couple wants their big day to be the best and most remarkable without any hassle and unfavorable consequences. Moreover, there should be nothing left for the 11th hour on their big day as there are a bunch of things to be managed. It can worry you every time a new question pops up in your mind regarding catering for your wedding. You might think about how much money you should spend, or what the style should be. And how could it be done successfully in minimum time and with less expenditure? Moreover, we can't agree more that there are plenty of things in your head when you're getting married. However, nowadays, food is becoming the most considerable part of weddings for many couples across Arizona and other areas of the world. To help you in every phase of your wedding catering, from deciding the menu to the section of rentals, we have compiled useful information that makes your catering experience better. Let’s begin with a brief introduction to wedding catering.

What is Wedding Catering?

Your excitement level rises up when your wedding day is around the corner. Along with other aspects, you must be putting the wedding catering on the top of the to-do list as food is the heart of every celebration. Wedding catering includes food, beverages, staffing, rentals, and other extras if the couple requests to add in. Since wedding catering has a great impact on the guests coming to your event, most couples are ready to spend their 30% of the total wedding budget on quality wedding catering services. In this regard, an experienced caterer can assist you and even guide you about venues as well.

4 Types of Catering For Wedding

It's important to narrow down your food items, and other do's and don'ts regarding your wedding catering. Since it comes in a wide variety, it may take you little time and effort to decide. Choose your menu depending on the type of wedding you're planning for. If you're tying the knot at marquee, you must have a lot of caterers and a long to-do list. At the same time, a simple and small wedding event requires a few caterers, a small amount of money, and fewer arrangements. It’s just up to you! Well, we have collected some wedding catering styles for your big day, hoping that they help young couples residing in Arizona.

Buffet System

In this food serving style, the tempting dishes, refreshing beverages, and other items included in the menu are all kept on a table keeping warm and fresh. The buffet is a self-serviced style catering in which all the guests are allowed to move from their seats and feed themselves in a way they want. One of the great things about buffet style catering is that it’s an easy way to feed a large wedding and the food will remain open till the guests are fully satisfied and full. This type of wedding catering comes at a cost that is surely less than the other styles such as plated meals.

Plated Meal

If you have a good budget and are not looking for something fancier that will wow your guests, then a plated meal is the way to go. It's a traditional serving style in which guests will be fully served like at a restaurant. Typically guests will choose which dish they want when they rsvp to the wedding and then their selection will be served to them on the big day. Moreover, it's a formal dining style that can be a good choice if you're wanting a nicer and more luxury feeling wedding. This wedding catering style could be pricey, so make sure you decide wisely while planning for your wedding menus.

Food Serving in Family Style

As the name indicates, this food serving style encourages the guest to be seated and enjoy the meals on the table just like we do at our homes. Large portions of different foods are placed on tables. Waiters and servers completely cooperate with the guest and bring the food or refill when the platter gets empty. It seems like having a family dinner on the wedding day.

Food Station Style

Consider this serving style if you're looking for something trendy at your wedding. In this style, guests get a chance to craft their own plates and diy it to their own liking. There are multiple food stations at different points at your marquee where different food items will be served. For example, one food station has breads and cheeses exclusively, the next food station focuses solely on salad, and the third station serves meat dishes. The possibilities are endless. This differs from a buffet because unlike buffet style catering where guests go through a line of food, food station catering has food in categories at different stations for guests to go to. Choosing a food station as your wedding catering style could be a good decision as it is a fun way to include your wedding theme in your meals.

Wedding Catering Menus

First and foremost, the perfect wedding catering is incomplete without finger-licking and tasty food. Moreover, meal platters should be accompanied by refreshing beverages. Food grabs the attention and provokes the guest to have more conversations and enjoy their time. Your flashy venue and classy ambiance become worthless when the guests don’t like the food catering. A good catering menu should include what you want on your big day but also be well rounded enough for guests of all kinds to enjoy.

Wedding Catering with Black Truffle

Your wedding day becomes the best experience if there are genuine catering services behind it. To assist young couples at their wedding events, Black Truffle is always there with our proficient staff. We can provide any type of catering style that you desire at your wedding and we strive to make your big day live up to it’s dream. You can leave your all-event catering in the hands of Black Truffle Catering and know that you and your guests will be left wanting more.